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Gary Drew… & drew & drew

Artist in North Wales

Gary Drew, a Welsh artist, was born in Hartlepool, England and educated in North Wales. Despite attempting various career changes, he has always been drawn to painting and has left his mark across Europe. Alongside his commercial work, Gary also creates private murals and other works of art, and regularly travels for his work.

He is a talented artist who can bring your ideas to life, no matter where you are located.

A large portion of my work comes within the whole of Europe and I travel extensively throughout. I am a limited company and offer a freelance service, I tend to receive a large amount of work through recommendations/word of mouth, which I think is the best form of introduction.

The scale of my work varies from large rooms with walls of 6 meters high by 30 metres long, to book and calendar illustrations of size A4 in the past I have had people think that my work is 3D, its not, although I can source such work, a lot of the work is painted in water based paints and then highlights and shadows are added with an airbrush, and then the other images are the oil paintings, a real favourite of mine and I only wish I had more time to dedicate to this area of my work. Exhibition dates will be published on the site, and prints will be available for purchase shortly. Also I now do UV painting ideal for night clubs and laser arenas its luminous paint that only works with UV lighting installed, the affects are mind blowing.

During my time of mural painting the one thing that has proven more successful in the significant reduction in graffiti is a professionally themed wall, I have had positive feedback from sports centres crèches laser arenas and clubs.

If you are interested in any of the imagery, certain items are now being reproduced on quality paper with lightfast inks, and can be viewed in the shop gallery for purchase, understandably you could just download them from the site and print them yourself but that would create bad karma.

I was thinking of putting on a client list which is extensive and has taken me a considerable amount of effort to achieve I feel that due to some unscrupulous people out there that can just go and download the list and then approach them on a whim has put me off!  But to all my clients out there, thank you for your support throughout my career and thanks for making all this possible.

Words from clients

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